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As a designer, regardless of whether you’re a student or a long-time professional, your portfolio is what represents you. No doubt you’ve heard that a great portfolio is built on quality over quantity; that it’s not about how much work you’ve done, but the type of work you believe is your best.
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AIGA Jacksonville’s 27th Annual Portfolio Review brought together design novices and veterans from northeast and north central Florida for a weekend of creative exchange and inspiration.
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Northeast Florida’s creative community converged on Jacksonville University April 17–18, 2015, as nearly 50 professional designers and educators reviewed more than 70 students at AIGA Jacksonville’s 26th Annual Portfolio Review.
by Beth Nabi / Education Chair
IGA Jacksonville celebrated a quarter-century of creativity and critique with its 25th Annual Portfolio Review, held at the University of North Florida’s Student Union April 12–13, 2014.
by Chris Olberding, Creative Partner & CEO of Station Four
Let’s just get this out in the open—most recent college grads are awful at interviewing. In the last decade, I’ve interviewed over a hundred designers, many of them recent graduates, and I’ve hired about a dozen of those designers across three agencies.