by aigajacksonville
Lets Get Digital, UX Design · January 5, 2017
by Amber Aultman, Designer at Ignite & AIGA Communications Chair
If you read web design blogs, you've likely heard of the debate between "designing in the browser" and good old-fashioned “comps”. In corner number one, we have those who believe in designing every single pixel in Photoshop (read: graphics engine of your choice). In corner number two are those who believe in eschewing Photoshop in favor of designing in the browser. But like most things in life, the best solution rarely lies in extremities. I believe the happy medium of good web design lies somewhere near the middle of the Photoshop/browser spectrum.
by Amber Aultman, AIGA Communications Chair
by aigajacksonville
We can’t wait for our Let’s Get Digital speaker event, featuring Nick Finck as he walks us through the nuances of user experience this Thursday. And with such extensive experience in the industry, this talk is a must-see for designers of all disciplines looking to take their user experience from good to great.
Events, UX Design · November 6, 2013