The Morning Leak

Come find out what inspirational and innovative projects your fellow creatives in the community are working on, and join in on the discussion by bringing some of your own stuff! In this show-and-tell format, The Morning Leak helps strengthen our design community sharing of thoughts, ideas and techniques.

Start your day off with a creative caffeine jolt in a relaxed, social setting with like-minded designers—Your place to meet and interact with the local design community and check out what everyone else is up to.*

This month we'll have an array of presenters, including Ben Windsor who will be presenting some slick animation work done for a well-known contact lens brand.

Amber Aultman, who is wrapping up Taverna's rebrand. She'll be presenting new identity, collateral, signage, and menus fresh off the chopping block.

Varick Rosete and Russel Quadros will be joining us to share about Meros Academy, an innovative new approach to education. Learn more about their efforts at their RocketHub page.

We'll also be hearing from Jason Kellum & Melissa Pierce. They'll be sharing about their experience in KYN's Apprenticeship program, as well as some exciting personal projects.

All are welcome to come, but if you’re interested in showing-and-telling, let us know. Send an email to or fill out the form below!

*Caution: the contents inside are very hot!

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001