Rethink your business model to thrive in changing times: four pivoting strategie
Let’s face it, it hasn’t been easy for a long time and now it’s craziness. Clients have put projects on hold or canceled them all together, you’re not sure about the future of your business or where to be focusing your attention right now, and it feels inappropriate to look for new business. Everyone else seems to be busy doing stuff and pivoting and you've been watching a ton of webinars that are all saying the same thing. If you’re ready for a different perspective, I invite you to rethink your business model and explore 4 pivoting strategies for creative businesses. I’ll share new ideas that I’ve come up with, stories of successful business pivots in very challenging times, and my own journey that began as a graphic designer, to starting my business in the recession of 2008 with a unique business model to building a global following and a mailing list of a thousand people in a day. Standing still is not an option! Watch Rhonda's recent webinar: Why The Creatives Will Be The Most Important People in the Room. An Interview with CEO John Bostock
When & Where
Tue, May 19, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT