Cocktails & Creatives – March 2016

Meet fellow creatives and see what’s happening within the local design community at AIGA Jacksonville's mid-monthly social mixer.

This month we're celebrating St. Paddy's Day a week early, and bringing the party downtown to Fionn MacCool's in the Jacksonville Landing. MacCool's has one of the most unique Happy Hour specials in town, featuring their Beer & Whiskey Exchange (or BWX):

"Our commodity is beer, and lots of it. The best part, prices on our 40+ beers are constantly fluctuating. We are the first bar in Northeast Florida with prices based on supply and demand. Each time someone orders a beer, the price goes up for the next person who orders the same beer. The others in the category go down by the same amount. The more popular the beer is, the higher the price goes, while those not being ordered continue to fall. Keeping up with the fluctuating beer prices is both easy and a little entertaining. You can watch the prices rise and fall in real time via several “big boards” (flat screen televisions) throughout the bar. The bottom line, we want you to explore the market, trying beers you’ve never had. There’s a good chance they’ll be less expensive, allowing you to BUY LOW and DRINK UP!!!"

When & Where
Sun, Mar 13, 2016 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Fionn MacCool's
2 Independent Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32202