Annual Roundtable 2014

A roundtable provides an informal way to discuss a series
of topics and collect the perceptions and suggestions from
members of your chapter.

These roundtables have proven to be an effective way to
focus feedback from members at the local level on the issues
to be addressed collectively at leadership retreats. And
because the best way to really understand how AIGA
members feel is through person-to-person contact, the
roundtables have proven especially useful to chapters in
hearing members’ thoughts and concerns directly.


AIGA’s goal is to reach 30,000 members in its centennial
year. We plan to hold two membership drives in 2014, one
in the spring and one in the fall, and are working with Kiss
Me I’m Polish, a New York City-based design firm, to develop
membership materials. To help frame thinking around
membership communications, and to shape both chapters’
and the national organization’s membership goals and
strategy over the next year, this year’s roundtable focuses on
two core priorities:

• Defining ways AIGA can increase engagement, retention
and grow membership across disciplines and the arcs of
designers’ careers
• Defining the value of AIGA, both at the chapter and
national levels, understanding how to communicate local
and national benefits and ways to improve the member
experience for each of our target audiences

When & Where
Tue, Nov 30, -0001