You’re Krung Fu is Strong, Stephanie Soden

Friday, July 30, 2011, marked yet another in the series of Krungstock Photography sponsored design duels, where two designers square off against a 45-minute time limit and each other. The Krung Fu tournament is taking shape as yet another AIGA member joins the winner’s circle among Dennis “The Minimalist Menace” Eusebio and Katy “Cut and Paste Crippled Crane Style” Garrison. Our own Beaches bad boy, Patrick “The Blend Swordsman” Carter came to the competition with the focus of a zen master letting nothing distract him from his objective, and there were definitely distractions to behold.

Joining this past matchup with color commentary (insert racist joke here, because they surely would have), Gil Samson and Greg Willis, of the blog Greg et Gil, brought the funny in all its offensive and backstabbingly witty glory. Nobody was safe from the tirade as the duo turned their efforts toward an unsuspecting audience, and the room got roasted. These two “non-designers” called it like they saw it, and the way they saw it seemed to keep the crowd on edge and laughing continuously throughout.

This didn’t seem to affect the challenger of the evening however, as Stephanie “Iron Sketch” Soden kept her cool and determination the whole match through. She brought her A-game attitude this night and showed as she won the decision over Patrick Carter, and claimed her place among the ranks, moving forward in the tournament.

Many members came out for the action, and a slew of new faces made it out to join in on the fun and camaraderie these events cater… not to mention the beer provided by another sponsor for the event, Intuition Ale, and a Rockband afterparty like only nGen Works can. Soon to come is the final matchup in the preliminary battles as our President, Varick “The Drunken Masker” Rosete, battles it out with Vice President, Karen “Flying Kicks of Color” Kurycki, on Friday, August 20th. Come out and see who makes their way one step closer to the Championship.

We’ll see you at the next Krung Fu.

– Jim, membership co-director

By aigajacksonville
Published August 12, 2010