WHITE Space February Recap

We’re excited for the chance to partner with MOCA Jacksonville to bring our Discover Design students out to Art Walk to participate in MOCA’s WHITE exhibit! This unique, 3-month event is an interactive demonstration illustrating the importance of white and white space in art, design and typography. AIGA Jacksonville and Discover Design will be creating a new word in the phrase “WHITE Space” each month.

Last month’s Art Walk kicked off the project in style! Each student received an easel and a canvas with a letter in the word “white” — the first word in our phrase –lightly outlined as a guide. Paired with their mentors, the students chose their tools and supplies from a table filled with white-themed objects. From paint swatches, gesso, paper and glue, the students began to form their design concepts within the letter’s outline.

During the creation process, our mentors explained the importance of white space and other design elements as they helped to bring their students’ ideas to life. Cutting, pasting, painting, shaping and building, each team produced a unique design as we reached the end of our 2 hour time-limit. The students cleaned up and revealed their impressive results to the gathering crowds in MOCA’s lobby. After the event came to a close, the students were given a personal tour of the gallery.

We had a great time creating with our Discover Design mentors and students, and we’d like to send a big thank you their way for joining in the event. We’d also like to thank MOCA for the opportunity to join in their fantastic exhibit and look forward to this Wednesday’s Art Walk where we’ll be starting the second part in our 3-part series!

So, join us this evening as we begin working on the next iteration of our phrase “WHITE Space,” during the downtown art walk from 6-8pm in MOCA’s Lobby. We look forward to seeing you there!

By AIGA Jacksonville
Published March 4, 2015