Designers In Toyland 4 with Don’t Miss A Beat

AIGA and Don’t Miss A Beat kicked off Designers in Toyland 4, in late October, with a rewarding experience. Local fine artists, graphic designers, crafty friends, and AIGA members gathered at DMAB’s center to work one-on-one with the students creating their very own character designs. Chaired by Design for Good, this year’s Designers in Toyland focuses on interacting with the community, spreading the gospel of art, and using our artistic talents for good.

After an inspiring afternoon spent at DMAB surrounded by whispers of color choice, excited exclamations on a character’s super powers, and so many larger-than-life smiles it was time for the students to entrust their drawings to the artist. The artists are now diligently crafting these drawings into 3-dimensional characters and we all can’t wait to see the look on our student’s faces when they receive a piece of their imagination come to life.

You can still get involved! We’ll be looking to our friends in the local community to help sponsor each character, with all proceeds going to Don’t Miss A Beat.

Stop by Designers in Toyland 4, at MOCA, during the December Artwalk to view the finished characters and learn about sponsorship!

By aigajacksonville
Published November 13, 2012