The National Roundtable Discussion

On April 24th, CoWork Jacksonville hosted our AIGA Chapter for the Annual National Roundtable discussion. This yearly meeting offers your local board a chance to hear your opinions on events, benefits, and overall state. This year, the roundtable was member-focused, featuring Jason Braddock (Lender Processing Services), Deborah Lamir (CSX), Shauna Panczyszyn (Body Central), Samantha Wilbur (Student at The Art Institute), David Smith (Professor at JU), and Andrew Wolson (Everbank).

The panel was moderated by Karen Kurycki (President), who touched on questions concerning what interested them in getting involved with the AIGA, what activities or benefits are most important, how the AIGA can best help them as professionals, and what types of programming they’d like to see in the future.

“I’d really like to see Design For Good thrive. It’s important for the community to see AIGA giving back like that.” – Deborah Lamir

“I like the speaker events the best. A professor once told me that seeing one can advance your design development by months, and I believe it.” – Andrew Wolson

The roundtable discussion also offered feedback on event scheduling and what benefits are most important to our members.

“The networking aspect is invaluable. Meeting freelancers, in-house designers, art directors… you can gain internships or even jobs at these events.” – Shauna Panczyszyn

“There’s at least one event a year that makes paying for a membership worth while. When David Carson spoke I was so frustrated because I wasn’t a member at the time!” – Jason Braddock

This event is a terrific way for the board to gain feedback from our members. Email us at membership[at] We’re always eager to hear your input, ideas, and questions!

~ Stephanie, Membership Co-Director

By aigajacksonville
Published May 8, 2012