The Mustachery Comes to a Close

If you were out and about in Jacksonville over the past month you might have noticed an influx in the men around town sporting mustaches — maybe even women sporting a felt mustache or holding a magic marker mustached finger to her face. In any case, that would be because of a tremendous effort in bringing part of the community together to raise money for the national non-profit called, Movember.
This effort was made possible with the diligent work of Mr. Sean Collins and Sarah Butsch of the Jacksonville Beardsmith Society, and the many active participants that got involved to make an impact. As of this morning, the Movember Jax network has raised $12,151 for men’s cancer research, and like many of our mustaches, this number is still growing going into the very last day of Movember.
Thanks to this months Atomic Sketch event and some key donation gatherers, AIGA Jacksonville was able to contribute $250 to the network. Today is the last day, and there is time to do more! Donate today and contribute to changing the face of men’s cancer research.

Donate to the AIGA Jacksonville team, and the Movember Jax Network here!

Also, come out and close out the month long mustachery at the Movember Jax Awards Party on Saturday, December 4th at The Loft in celebration of Jacksonville’s outstanding effort for charity this month.

If you supported facial hair, hope to see you there!

— jim, membership co-director

By aigajacksonville
Published November 30, 2010