The Morning Leak

A group of designers, photographers and illustrators gathered this morning at the Panera, St. Johns Town Center, to share in “The Morning Leak.” In a show-and-tell style, a handful of us talked about some of our most recent projects. Presenters for today included:

  • Patrick Carter
  • Michael Nuetzel
  • Ian Latchmansingh
  • Paul Figura
  • Aaron O’Brien
  • Dennis Eusebio
  • Ed Hall
  • Ron Hubbard
  • Varick Rosete

It was so good to see the amazing creative work happening in this town, and discussions of the hows and whys kept everyone interested til the very end. A great break before everyone’s morning workload begins. The Morning Leak definitely turned out to be the event that it needed to be, creating a great sense of community, networking and sharing. Get inspired.

Thanks everyone for coming out and participating!

– Varick, president

By aigajacksonville
Published February 10, 2010