The Morning Leak – It’s Design Show and Tell!

AIGA Jacksonville has been experimenting with a new event format called “The Morning Leak”, an open and casual morning event in which creatives can share projects and experiences with other like-minded designers.

As creatives, we are communicators by nature and sometimes in the routine of daily work life we tend to lose the interaction that we crave. Whether it be the redundancy of collaborating with the same groups of people or lacking collaboration all together, The Morning Leak gives a breath of fresh air in chatting about projects, concepts and processes outside of the daily drain. 

With the success of this event, we’ve decided to open it up to anyone interested in sharing a current or recently completed project. Keep in mind that the event isn’t limited to graphic designers, in fact, we encourage creative thinkers from every field to participate.

Part of the strength of the experience is based on the chance to see the way different functions operate, and how the pieces of the puzzle come together through collaboration. We have seen projects from photographers, videographers, web developers, animators and more. We look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table!

Due to the time constraints of the morning event, presenters will be limited to 6 people, but of course everyone is invited to observe.

Email to be put on the list to share a project. Act quickly because spots are limited!

Come and find out what your fellow creatives are working on that’s cool and exciting, and join in on the discussion by bringing some of your own stuff! The next event is Wednesday, May 12 from 7:30 AM to 9 AM at Panera St. Johns Town Center. Thanks for those who have participated in the past and we really look forward to seeing what new projects will be shared in the future!

– Patrick Carter, membership chair

By aigajacksonville
Published May 3, 2010