It should come as no surprise that with our busy schedules we designers don’t always have time to stop and express our gratitude. With Thanksgiving around the corner it only seems appropriate that we pause to give Thanks for the many things we love and cherish.

With there being so much to be thankful for, like family, friends, good health, and Batman, it can be hard to simply express so much gratitude in conventional means, such as words or emoticons, so with that thought we present to you the first annual Thanks-GIF-ing!

The idea is simple, instead of giving thanks on just one day, we want to spread it out over two weeks… and make GIFs of everything we love. The only thing that we ask, is that you don’t use an existing GIF. Make it original, this is something YOU are thankful for, so take a little time to show just how much you love it.

After you make your GIF, or two, or three, just post it on dribbble, tumblr, twitter with the tag @aigajax and the hashtag #ThanksGIFing2013, or post a link here in the comments with a quick note. Once they start appearing we’ll start spreading them around the dinner table.

Now GO, be Thankful!

By Brett Mosher, Membership Chair
Published November 13, 2013