Russel Quadros Loves Design

We recently asked 12 of our members to interpret the symbol most synonymous with love—the heart—for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. Each person brought a different creative interpretation. Here is this afternoon’s rendering of the classic love icon, created by Russel Quadros.

“This concept came about fairly organically. My original ideas ended up being too complex, so I kept going back and exploring various Valentine’s Day themes. “Cupid” is an obvious theme. I started picturing the heart getting shot with an arrow, maybe with an “ouch” or a sad face. Then I thought about a person getting shot with an arrow … which led me to think of the human “silhouette” targets they have at gun ranges. That led to circle targets, which correlated with the heart template. Then the rest kind of fell into place. What I love about design is how it visually combines emotion and information to communicate.”

Check back each day for a new interpretation. The full poster will be unveiled and sold at AIGA Jacksonville’s annual Valentine to the creative community, I Love Design, on Thursday, February 16.

~ I Love Design and the I Love Design poster project are proudly sponsored by Print Resources.

By aigajacksonville
Published February 11, 2012