Recap: The Morning Leak

Early wednesday morning creatives gathered for a most invigorating start to the day: an morning of inspirational showcases via The Morning Leak and CoWork Jax!

Amber Gusa and her band of Keiser design students revealed their project to rebrand Keiser’s Design & Multimedia program. The team related the process and challenges involved in creating campaign that spanned a spectrum of applications.

Next, we heard from Jeff Spear and Patrick Carter on their joint strategic/design effort to help Crab Cake Secret become a relevant, competitive brand.

Stephanie Soden showcased her work with local Riverside salon, Hair Peace and related the importance of displaying logo designs in context. 

Finally, Varick Rosete tied things up with a reveal of a line of character designs inspired from the movie “The Warriors.”

As always, if you missed out this time be sure to join us next month for another inspirational gathering at The Morning Leak! If you’d like to share a project, contact us at to reserve your slot. See you next month!

Ben, Membership Committee

By aigajacksonville
Published March 22, 2012