Recap: Cocktails & Creatives | December 2015

“Twas the Tenth of December in Ole Riverside

With plenty of smiles both gleaming and wide

The time had arrived with plenty of glee

To don our ugly sweaters for December C&C

Woven with wool colored red gold and green

The sweaters quite frankly were best left unseen

But everyone danced and smiled and laughed

And it wasn’t because of the beers served on draft


For on that fair evening our members did bring

A plethora of toys that were fit for a king

Legos and Hot Wheels and Star Wars galore

The boxes were filled til they could hold no more

On and on the toys were all given

To surely delight the sweet little children


Beers from the tap room our glasses did carry

Our hearts filled with joy, our holidays merry

For the Jacksonville members of AIGA

Brought plenty of toys with which the children can play

So until next December, we give thanks to the max

Happy holidays to you all, from AIGA Jax!”

Our partnership with Intuition Ale Works collected over $500 in toys and art supplies for Wolfson Children’s Hospital! Special thanks to Lindsay and the Intuition team, Pat Kirkland with Wolfson Children’s Hospital, and especially to everyone who donated toys and art supplies to WCH!

By Programming
Published January 6, 2016