Recap: Amplify | Finding your personal brand

Your personal brand is essential to your profession, and in the digital age, it’s important to know how to cultivate it.

Our very first Amplify workshop event was held at Figure 8 Studio on May 30. “Finding your personal brand: designing yourself for social media,” facilitated by content creator Aideé Chavez. Aideé vibrantly shared everything you need to know about designing yourself for social media. She covered industry best practices, how to work those hashtags, tips and tricks on creating an identity, and when to schedule out posts.


Aideé facilitated our first Amplify workshop to 30 attendees.

In a digital world filled with filters and how many likes you will get on a post, Aideé’s advice was to be honest. The more honest you are with your brand, the more relatable you are, and the easier it is to develop content. One of Aideé’s tips for developing your personal story was to choose to either make it educational, informational, inspirational, or entertaining.


We were asked to reflect on 3-5 positive characteristics that define who we are.

Aideé kept attendees fully engaged with a personal reflection exercise to provide an initial understanding of how five characteristics (whether it be your passion for comics, documentarian of food, or being a parent) is the first step in developing your personal brand. Your personal brand is designed for your unique self. For Aideé, she’s an immigrant, traveler, content creator, lover of tacos, and full of color.


Member, Marq Mervin shared his personal word list and how it can help him stay motivated as a teacher and creative.

If you missed out on this event and would like to learn more about social media, grab some tacos or a cup of coffee with Aideé. Be sure to follow her channels.


Member, Jesse Sison asked about scheduling posts, rebranding yourself for social, and sharing works in progress.

This event is one of the first of many workshops we are installing to the AIGA Jacksonville programming calendar. We were fortunate enough to sell out the event, see new faces, and connect with a local expert who adapted the workshop for creatives who are in the early stages of their career to tenured creatives looking to enhance their client’s brand trust.


Thank you to all the attendees and to Aideé for making it out on a rainy Wednesday night.

Photos provided by Francesco Salomoni: 


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By President
Published June 8, 2018