Promoting Design for Good

Nestled in between two of Jacksonville’s favorite local craft breweries CoRK Arts District is 80,000 sq. ft. of artist studios and galleries. CoRK opened its doors and welcomed artists, patrons, vendors, dancers and local organizations of all sizes to its event Cultivating Culture, hosted by ARBUS Magazine. Among our friends, neighbors, and new ears to bend AIGA snapped open a folding table, slathered the surface with goods, propped our banner into place, and started spreading the good word. Design.

A better forum couldn’t be found to interact with people who love their community and aren’t afraid to get out and make it the best it can be. Amidst this social interaction seemed the perfect setting to start a conversation with Jacksonville about design-driven social change. Design for Good.

For a large sprawling event, where modern dancers slowly moved through the corridors and people gasped at the return of their favorite Carrot-Dog; board members were having one-on-one conversations about their favorite city and the role of Design for Good in its future. Bound to be only the first of many local events with AIGA in attendance and ‘Design for Good’ in our thoughts.

We look forward to starting the conversation with you.

~ Caroline, Social Impact Director

By aigajacksonville
Published April 11, 2012