Pecha Kucha Vol. 12

Is it Pecha Koocha? Picha Kucka? or Pikachu?

It doesn’t really matter how you say it, as long as you come out and have fun.

But for the record, Pecha Kucha (puh-cha-ch-kuh) is the Japanese word for “chit-chat”. It’s a global event night that was started in Tokyo in 2003 by Klein Dytham Architecture as a means of bringing a creative community together. Presenters from any field or interest are invited to share their passion, talent, or expertise.

The catch is, they only have 20 slides that last 20 seconds each to tell their story.

On March 15th, Pecha Kucha Jacksonville hosted its twelfth volume— featuring a diverse array of speakers.

Josh Simpson is a web developer and robot battler, who has been a mentor to the student robotics team, “Team Resistance” for the past six years.

Dave Engdahl spoke about his wood and metal creations, which are inspired by a background in architecture and fine art.

Amy Pomar entertained the crowd with her tips on extreme coupon collecting. With her tips, the audience could save up to two-hundred dollars on their next shopping trip.

Mary Atwood took the crowd on a visual journey through the thought process behind each of her varied photographs. Each one containing an action word and its own, thoughtful meaning.

Andrea De Florio wrapped up the night with a look at her broad range of work beginning with her graduate school paintings. She explored our obsession with the finer things and attachment to material objects.

The night was wrapped up with a special Improv Pecha Kucha presentation hosted by Justice Kragiel, which was entitled “Sharks vs. Dogs: What’s cooler?”. Four brave audience volunteers made their way to the stage to enter the debate, and gave mini-Pecha Kucha presentations with slides they had never seen before. With a hilarious outcome the decision was clear. Sharks are apparently cooler.

Pecha Kucha 12 was also featured in The Florida Times-Union article, “Student Robotics Team Subject of a Pecha Kucha Presentation in Five Points”. Thanks Jeff Reynolds for the fantastic feature!

Look out for the next Pecha Kucha event in May, and if you or someone you know would like to present, contact Stephanie Soden at

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By aigajacksonville
Published March 17, 2011