jacksonville.aiga.org: New Look, More Benefits

You may have noticed our website looks a bit different lately. You may have even noticed your picture featured front and center of our site. You may have even tried to click on the fist at the bottom of our site with the volume up—wait, no, don’t do that. And you may be thinking, “my whole world is flipped, turned upside down! What happened?”

Well, we’ve recently switched our website to a new platform and couldn’t be more excited! In the spirit of UX and our upcoming Let’s Get Digital event, we are listing some of the features, visual and backend, that we believe will improve your member experience. As some features have come and gone, our goal is to make our site a better and more reliable resource for you.

1. Connected with the National Site
The biggest change to note, is that jacksonville.aiga.org, is now integrated deeper with our national organization and aiga.org. Now you can update your national profile by going to aiga.org/profile.aspx and have it featured on the national and local member database, which then syncs to our chapter site.

2. Member Portfolios
Have a Behance account? You can sync your Behance portfolio directly to your AIGA Member Portfolio making it quick and easy to update. Not only will it be featured in the AIGA Members Portfolio Gallery, but it will also appear on our portfolios page.

3. National Events
We like to keep you in the loop about what is going on in your organization. That is why our event page will feature national events along side our chapter events.

4. Directory of Friends
Another new feature is an ongoing list of our members that can be viewed by going to the member directory. If you don’t see one of your friends there, make sure to tell them how beneficial AIGA is by sending them to our member benefits page. When they sign up you’ll see their name pop up on our home page under the new member widget.

5. Responsive Goodness
When you’ve reread every post in your Facebook feed a couple of times and you need some fresh content, swipe over to our site on your phone! Jacksonville.aiga.org is easier than ever to access on mobile, and we have tons of great and useful resources to fulfill your need for fresh content.

These are just a few highlights of whats available and new, so go ahead, take a look around, explore and continue taking advantage of all the great resources that come along with an AIGA Jacksonville membership!

~Bryan Hunt
Vice President, AIGA Jacksonville

By aigajacksonville
Published November 6, 2013