Mike Franqui Loves Design

We recently asked 12 of our members to interpret the symbol most synonymous with love—the heart—for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. Each person brought a different creative interpretation. Here is today’s rendering of the classic love icon, created by Mike Franqui.

“I wanted to design my poster based on the game Pac-Man, because I feel it represents so many characteristics of love.

“To explain, you were probably really excited the first time you played Pac-Man, but didn’t really know why. All of your friends were hyping it up, but you had to see for yourself. You make the first move, placing your quarter in the game slot. (Stay with me, perverts.) You start to play, making a few mistakes right out of the gate. Maybe you lose a life or two, but then you get in a groove and start figuring it out. Your confidence is building, but then the game starts speeding up. Before you know it, you’re on a new level. New obstacles appear, and you’re presented with more decisions. Your heart starts racing. Do you go for the fruit? Do you play it safe and just squeak by to the next round? Decisions, decisions. People are watching, don’t mess this up! The pressure builds, and you get cornered going for the power-up. The game is over.

“You check your pockets for change. You want to play again, but don’t want to run the risk of losing again. Challenge yourself, go for it! What’s the worst that can happen … you live a little and maybe learn a lot? No matter what, you’re going to have fun. Don’t take the game too serious, just enjoy it while it lasts!

“Love is supposed to be challenging, which is one of the many reasons I love design.”

Check back tomorrow for the final interpretation. The full poster will be unveiled tomorrow night at AIGA Jacksonville’s annual Valentine to the creative community, I Love Design. Purchase your tickets online in advance for a $10 discount. The poster is free for members who bring in the I Love Design mailer (while they last) and will be sold for $10.

~ I Love Design and the I Love Design poster project are proudly sponsored by Print Resources.

By aigajacksonville
Published February 16, 2012