Meredith Hughes Loves Design

We recently asked 12 of our members to interpret the symbol most synonymous with love—the heart—for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. Each person brought a different creative interpretation. Here is today’s rendering of the classic love icon, created by Meredith Hughes.

“In 2011, my mother asked me to partake in one of the most rewarding journeys I have ever been on—researching my great grandmother’s genealogy. The process has allowed me not only to connect and better understand the struggles that most of our immigrant ancestors went through, but also reconnect with many of my living family members. The most amazing thing I learned was that my maternal great grandmother was not Austrian, as we all had been told, but Ruthenian (or Rusyn). She was from a rural area in the Subcarpathian Mountain Region that is now in the Ukraine.

When I started thinking about design concepts, I went through several general ideas, but I wanted to make a personal statement about a year of my life spent discovering love. The iconic nesting dolls are not only are a symbol of the region, but are well designed. Like so many of the designs I admire, the goal is not only to visually communicate the idea, but to share a piece of myself with the viewer.”

Check back each day for a new interpretation. The full poster will be unveiled and sold at AIGA Jacksonville’s annual Valentine to the creative community, I Love Design, on Thursday, February 16.

~ I Love Design and the I Love Design poster project are proudly sponsored by Print Resources.

By aigajacksonville
Published February 10, 2012