Lightboxing Twitter Trash Talk

– Before the match, the two contenders had an exchange of words in the Twitterverse leading up to fight night. You can follow more of their tweets by following Sean Tucker as @seantucker and Russel Quadros as @russelq –
Sean Tucker: Sorry Russel, this will be your end:
Russel Quadros: Confident are we? Just because you can play Dr. Moreau with a dog and pony? *ha!* You’re so funny.
Sean Tucker: Oh this is going to be good. Sorry in advance for your family. You have decent dental records, yeah?
Russel Quadros: You can stick your sorries in a sack mister. You’ll need them when you’re crying and trying to tap out.
Sean Tucker: Ima stick you in a sack and throw you in the river. Yeah, like an old fashioned gangster.
– pause –
Sean Tucker: But keep calling me mister. I like that. Shows respect.
– silence –
Sean Tucker: ‘Twould appear I have the early lead mon frére. Your move.
Russel Quadros: Honestly, I don’t want to make you cry till RefreshJax.
Sean Tucker:
Russel Quadros: Here. Starting practicing now. You’ll need all the help you can get:
Sean Tucker: You start here: Then after the match, this will probably be useful:
Russel Quadros: Keep talking smack. It won’t save your dog-donkey from turning into a bitch-ass. 🙂
Sean Tucker: well that was just dirty.
– pause –
Sean Tucker: and it’s a pony. not a donkey. dummy. “:-)”
Russel Quadros: My bad. If only you were a little better at Photoshop…
Sean Tucker: OH SNAP! that’s a knockout punch. ok…lunch break. good round. loves ya!
Russel Quadros: I *heart* you too. Can’t wait till the next round.
– pause –
Russel Quadros: Veer swag came in yesterday. These will be given out tonite! …I’ve got the mug & it’s amay-ZING
Sean Tucker: Oh good, so you won’t be too disappointed when you don’t win it tonight. IT HAS BEGUN!
Russel Quadros: HahhAHa! The only thing I’ll be disappointed with tonight is your pitiful attempt at design!–Michael-Buffer-Rumble-CallBoxing-College-Marching-Bands-Arena-Sounds-
Sean Tucker: Disappointed in me, just like my grandparents. You guys still play bingo together at the senior center on Tuesday nights, yeah?
Russel Quadros: Bring your nanny and a change of diapers tonite. You’re gonna need ’em. Btw, your grandpa says don’t cry like a lil girl again.

By aigajacksonville
Published August 22, 2009