Lightboxing Match TKO Recap

Lightboxing presented by Veer at Refresh Jacksonville

Picture one lightbox and two designers going at it head-to-head for 60 minutes! With over 70 people in attendance and a mixture of newbie designers and veterans plus marketers and programmers, our contenders for the night, Sean “Dog-and-Pony-Punch” Tucker and Russel “The Muscle” Quadros, were able to keep their focus and produce a great show for everyone. Their theme for the match: “Spy Movie.” Using only the images and typefaces in the one, Veer-selected lightbox, the designers were allowed to cut, copy, paste, merge, mask….anything, as long as there was no designing below the belt. Both opted to work in Photoshop.

Live commentating – “heckling” – provided by The Urban South and Crobar kept the designers on their feet and the crowd in stitches, making each cut and paste move a moment to remember – like the “Screen Door Filter” (or “SDF”), the “MySpace Tab – I gotta go back to work, girl,” and who could forget the “Oh man, I just crashed my car but luckily I got these sweet gloves on, man.”

In the end, the “Burned by the Lightbox” design of Russel Quadros skimmed by the beautiful antics of Sean Tucker’s “Oliver Quadros is Octorussy” by a narrow 1-point victory: 30-29. An epic bout indeed.

Russel walked away with 120 Veer credits to use in the Veer store, Veer’s Helvetica Coffee Mug, a limited-edition AIGA Jacksonville t-shirt designed by Kendrick Kidd and bragging rights as Lightboxing Champion.

Sean didn’t leave empty-handed as he took home the set of Veer’s Type Coasters and AIGA Jacksonville re:Charge Creative Monster t-shirt.

Throughout the match at every 10 minutes, additional prizes were given to the lucky crowd members whose business cards were drawn from the Veer swagbag:

  • Jason Fisher – Veer’s Very Secret Order Member Sketchbook Set
  • Spencer Miller – AIGA Jacksonville limited edition t-shirt designed by Kendrick Kidd
  • Kevin Alford – Megabyte, the UniPo vinyl toy from Veer and UNKL
  • Emily Rawitsch – Veer’s Uppercase Scarf
  • Taryn Hannah – 2 tickets to Live Jazz at the MOCA Friday Night

Thanks go out to Refresh Jacksonville for letting us coordinate with them for the event; Paul Figura Studio for the venue support; Varick Rosete and Joey Marchy for use of their laptops; Content Design Group for providing a second projector; Dave Begley and Blake Coglianese for the great sound setup; Tiffany Manning for taking photos throughout the night; Jen Hyde and Kim Huddleston for helping out with extra hands; The Urban South and Crobar for killer commentating; Sean Tucker and Russel Quadros for a spectacular display of quick, creative thinking, focus and and a vast array of design skills; and a big thank you to Veer for the overall support with the prizes, the lightbox and the tips for a great Lightboxing match. Finally, thanks go out to the great crowd we had that stayed intrigued and interested the whole time. We hope you enjoyed it all. Thank you for supporting AIGA Jacksonville.

In the end, the Lightboxing event turned out way better than expected creating great conversations with “what-if’s” and “I-would-do’s,” as well as a slew of designers showing interest for future Lightboxing matches. TKO.

Check out pictures of all the fun:

We’ll see you at the next AIGA Jacksonville event!

By aigajacksonville
Published August 21, 2009