Last Week at The Leak

Last Wednesday, over twenty Jacksonville professionals and students gathered at CoWork Jacksonville for the Morning Leak.

At this morning mixer event, presenters are invited to share recent projects they’re working on. From branding to web and packaging, anyone is welcome to talk about their current work.

Last week, Andrew Fallon (Tigerlily Media) kicked things off with what he calls “the Sandwich Talk”. In his presentation he explained many of the processes he and his team have stepped through, and how project management is a lot like a sandwich. He showed before and after examples from storyboards to finished, rendered animations.

Next up was Jim Ward (Native Sun), who made a point of explaining: Just because it’s not glamorous, doesn’t mean it’s not important. He showed the Native Sun sales flyer that is distributed every month, and explained the strategic process behind it. What is normally a cluttered, overbearing layout at most stores is a beautiful representation of Native Sun and the products it offers.

Lastly was Stephanie Soden (HDco), who gave a brief presentation on the recent AIGA National Leadership Retreat. It’s easy to forget sometimes that there are other chapters just like us out there (66 to be precise!). Stephanie explained what goes on at the National Retreat, and showed the one-of-a-kind merchandise that was created for it. Look for our new shirts and mugs at the next AIGA event!

And join us next week on the second Wednesday of the month at CoWork for The Morning Leak!

~Stephanie Soden, Membership Co-Director

By aigajacksonville
Published June 19, 2012