Krung-Fu: The Final Battle

The epic conclusion to the live design battle tournament dubbed, Krung Fu, takes place this Friday night. It’s Dennis “The Minimalist” Eusebio vs. The “Drunken Masker” Varick Rosete in what is sure to be a gut-wrenching final showdown to an already action packed tournament. It’s been months in the making — and this week we’ll the honor of victor will be decided.

There is sure to be some trash talking going down this Friday in the Twitterverse so (follow Dennis @thoughtntheory) and (follow Varick @varick) for the pre-fight build up! Plus, don’t miss out on the play by play cometary live at the match from local hecklers, @theurbansouth and Crobar.

It’s Krung Fu! And it’s tournament-style! Sponsored by local stock photography company Krung Stock.

It’s the FINALS and there will surely be standing-room only at the new venue, nestliving!

Get your tickets now!

Take a look back and see how the tournament unfolded with all the matches and competitors that have led to this week’s final battle.

Match 1

In the very first match of the Krung Fu Design Tournament, with the theme “Beach Party,” Dennis Eusebio defeated Chad Landenberger securing himself a spot in the semifinals.

Match 2

In Match 2, Katy Garrison got the win over last year’s Lightboxing Champion, Russel Quadros, with her vision for the theme “Road Trip.”

Match 3

Stephanie Soden’s interpretation of “Evil Oil” in Match 3 of the tournament helped her get the win over Patrick Carter.

Match 4

Match 4 of the tournament was an epic battle between AIGA Jacksonville’s president, Varick Rosete, and vice president, Karen Kurycki. Ultimately, the match ended in a tie, giving both competitors entry to the semifinal Round.

Match 5 (semifinals)

Kicking off the Krung Fu Semifinals Dennis “The Minimalist” Eusebio took victory over Stephanie “The Iron Sketch” Soden locking his spot in the final round.

Match 6 (Semifinals Triple Threat)

The “Drunken Masker” himself, Varick Rosete, celebrated a narrow win over Katy “Cut & Paste Crippled Crane Style” Garrison and Karen “Flying Kicks of Color” Kurycki in a triple threat match to go into the finals.

We’ll see you this week at Krung Fu!

~jim, programming co-director

By aigajacksonville
Published October 27, 2011