Krung Fu Design Tournament, Round 2 – Semi-Finals!

This has been a phenomenal first-year for AIGA Jacksonville’s Krung Fu Live Design Tournament. While it took some coaxing from its competitors, at first, it truly became a spectacle to witness and enjoy these designers create on the spot. So here we are now at the Semi-Final Round and you can’t help but wonder, “How did we get here?”

With a shared set of 5 pre-determined images from the Krung Stock photo library and 2 pre-determined fonts, each competitor had only 60-minutes to concept and design a graphic in front of a live audience with live, excruciating, play-by-play commentating provided by Levi of The Urban South and Crobar and Greg and Gil of Greg et. Gil.

Match 1

In the very first match of the Krung Fu Design Tournament, with the theme “Beach Party,” Dennis Eusebio defeated Chad Landenberger securing himself a spot in the Semi-Finals.

Match 2

In Match 2, Katy Garrison got the win over last year’s Lightboxing Champion, Russel Quadros, with her vision for the theme “Road Trip.”

Match 3

Stephanie Soden’s interpretation of “Evil Oil” in Match 3 of the tournament helped her get the win over Patrick Carter.

Match 4

Match 4 of the tournament was an epic battle between AIGA Jacksonville’s President, Varick Rosete, and Vice-President, Karen Kurycki. The theme was “Spay or Neuter your Pet” and it surely did not disappoint as both competitors pulled new tricks never seen before in previous Krung Fu matches – Varick utilizing the camera in his laptop to introduce a new “Karen Kurycki Krung Fu-ing” image, while Karen dazzled the crowd with her animated GIF skills. Ultimately, the match ended in a tie, giving both competitors entry to the Semi-Final Round.

Season’s Greetings Semi-Final Spectacular

Mark your calendars because on December 17, the Krung Fu Live Design Tournament is bringing you the Semi-Final Round! And as a Season’s Greeting Special, you can catch both matches:

Dennis Eusebio vs. Stephanie Soden

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Katy Garrison vs. Karen Kurycki vs. Varick Rosete

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By aigajacksonville
Published December 8, 2010