Knox Emphasizes Attitude and Accuracy with PGA TOUR In-House Team

In-House Guest Blog Post by Rob Knox, Senior Graphic Designer, PGA TOUR

I have been working in the PGA TOUR’s Creative Services Department for 10 years. I have had the opportunity to develop creative solutions for professional golf’s global brand family that literally touches every country from here to China.

As a Senior Graphic Designer, I help to develop consistent brand messages across print and digital platforms. My design responsibilities includes creating the look and feel for a variety of tournaments across our three tours, PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, and Nationwide Tour, along with supporting the rest of the departments within the organization. Projects are varied from designing brochures, maps, web banners, email marketing, billboards, ads, posters, tickets, logos, publications and just about anything else.

In the past year our department has gone through some structural changes and with those changes the development of the mantra of “Attitude and Accuracy”. Our goal is to foster a positive relationship with our clients by keeping a positive attitude. We find that a positive attitude has enabled us to develop a partnership with our clients. The second part of the mantra, accuracy, is achieved through a cross-checking process within our department. The designers double check each others work which has helped us maintain our high level of efficiency.

As an in-house creative group, I cannot express enough the importance of effective communication. With so many jobs in the air, having the details laid out for all of them is critical in staying organized and on deadline. Our clients are our departments. The relationship between us and our departments is similar to an external agencies relationship with their clients and maintaining an open line of effective communication is crucial in getting jobs done.

The TOUR’s charity message is Together, anything’s possible and is one of the greatest things about working for the TOUR. I know that my work as an in-house creative is being used to market the world’s best golf tournaments, but at the same time the end result is to leave an impact in the communities in which they are played.

~ Rob Knox, Guest Blogger, Senior Graphic Designer, PGA TOUR

By aigajacksonville
Published February 28, 2012