Join us this week at The Morning Leak!

Join us this week for another inspirational gathering at The Morning Leak! Come and see what your local artists and designers are working on in this exciting “show and tell” event. Spectators are welcome too— so join us and kick off the new year with some highly caffeinated design inspiration, we’ll be at nGen works at 7:30am on Wednesday!

This week we’ll be hearing from Killustrator Jim Ward, CoWorker Varick Rosete, inhouse initiative recruit Meredith Hughs, and interweb extraordinaire Eric Hinote.

Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your day with a jolt of inspiration! Whether you would like to present your latest project or check out what’s going on in the community, we’ll be at nGen Works in San Marco at 7:30am. If you would like to share a project, contact us at to reserve your slot. See you this week at The Morning Leak!

By aigajacksonville
Published February 7, 2012