Join Us This Week at the Morning Leak

As summer nears its half-way mark, it continues to make itself known with blistering days and rainy evenings. Avoid the grueling weather by joining us at The Morning Leak- held during the only time of the day that’s half-way bearable.

At this monthly meet up, local artists and designers give each other an inside look at what they are currently working on. So set those alarm clocks and rise and shine, because we’ll be at New Broadway Square at 7:30am.

Last month, Jim Ward kicked things off with an overview of the board’s recent trip to the National AIGA Board Retreat. This included showing AIGA Jacksonville’s new line of shirts, and showing off our flashy trading cards.

Next, Jessi Bruton regaled us about her recent Macaron start-up. For those of you that haven’t experienced Bruton’s Macarons, just imagine tasting a little bit of heaven. She showed her package designs and logo.

Dennis Eusebio took the third slot with his presentation of the new Jacksonville venture, One Spark. He started with showing a video that he worked on, featuring interviews with those involved, and some pretty amazing HD editing.

Katy Garrison wrapped up our morning with a presentation on some of her recent print and identity projects. These included a beautiful wedding invitation that was printed at 5 Points Printing, and a new logo for Main Street Hub.

Don’t miss this week’s Morning Leak, whether you’d like to present your latest project or check out what’s going on in your community. We’ll have the entire shop to ourselves at New Broadway Square in 5Points, bright an early at 7:30am.
If you’d like to share a project, contact us at to reserve your slot. Also check out who else is coming at our event page on Facebook!
See you this week at The Morning Leak!

~ Steph, Membership Director
   (photography by Larry Cirillo)

By aigajacksonville
Published July 11, 2011