Join Us This Week at The Morning Leak!

Join us for another inspirational gathering of The Morning Leak! A last minute change in location didn’t stop these early birds from sharing their latest projects and accomplishments. Over thirty local designers, professionals, and students turned out to the Morning Leak in June for our morning mixer.

At this monthly meet up, local artists and designers give each other an inside look at what they are currently working on. So set those alarm clocks and rise and shine, because we’ll be at New Broadway Square at 7:30am.

Last time, Russel Quadros started us off with his presentation of a logo and campaign for the Pet Doctors of America veterinarian clinic. This included two possible directions, each flushed out with a website and poster campaign.

Paul Figura was up next, showcasing his new business cards for Paul Figura Studios. He also discussed presenting a portfolio and ways to market one’s self as a photographer.

Jeff Spear took the floor showing a cook book that Jeff Spear Studios aided in publishing. It featured a variety of comfort food eats, and beautiful food photography.

Adriana Rusti showed a film and animation project she created in her class at Keiser. It featured film merged with some After Effects magic to create the illusion of her classmates holding glowing orbs.

Jhonnattan Arango was our last presenter, who showcased the beginning of his Senior portfolio, and passed around some printed brochure samples featured in his book.

Don’t miss this week’s Morning Leak, whether you’d like to present your latest project or check out what’s going on in your community. We’ll have the entire shop to ourselves at New Broadway Square in 5Points, bright an early at 7:30am.

If you’d like to share a project, contact us at to reserve your slot. Also check out who else is coming at our event page on Facebook!
See you this week at The Morning Leak!

~Steph, Membership Co-Director
(photos by Larry Cirillo)

By aigajacksonville
Published August 8, 2011