Join Us This Week at The Morning Leak

Join us this week for another inspirational gathering at The Morning Leak! Once again at our new location, come and see what your local artists and designers are working on in this exciting “show and tell” event. Spectators are welcome too— so rise and fall back into design with us because we’ll be at nGen works at 7:30am on Wednesday!

Last month, designer and fine artist Eric Hinote conducted a live demonstration of his process for creating the handmade posters for his Always Summer Poster and Mixtape Show submission.


Liz Golden exposed us to her passion for photography with a presentation of her work and related the challenges of shooting newborns, children, and newly engaged men.

Bryant Hardwick revealed how a one-time labor of love print piece can snowball into a massive campaign- specifically his own wedding.


Cait Armstrong unveiled her latest non-profit campaign, “Step Out in Nature for Kids”, a partnership with Jacksonville Arlington Park. Through her presentation, she shared her vision for creating websites that make a difference.

Finally, Katy Garrison revealed the new design for the Native Sun website as well her playful illustration work for the upcoming Designers in Toyland show in December.


This month, we’ll hear from 5 designers and creatives in your community. Don’t miss this opportunity to begin your day with a jolt of inspiration! Whether you’d like to present your latest project or check out what’s going on in your community, we’ll be at nGen Works in San Marco at 7:30am.

If you’d like to share a project, contact us at to reserve your slot. See you this week at The Morning Leak!

~Ben, Membership Committee

By aigajacksonville
Published November 7, 2011