Join Us This Week at the Leak

The holiday season always seems to bring a little chaos into our daily lives. It may be the years end approaching, or anticipation of a new year starting, but regardless the days seem busier and the atmosphere a little more stressful. In response to this, we offer a mid-month morning breakaway from the daily routine.

AIGA Jacksonville is once again hosting it’s monthly morning mixer know as, The Morning Leak. Join us on Wednesday, December 8th at 7:30am at the Panera located in the St. Johns Town Center. Meet with other local designers from different backgrounds for a morning blend of conversation and project presentations. It’s a designer show and tell, and each month we have an array of talent come in to mingle and inspire first thing in the morning.

Last month at, The Morning Leak, fresh back from a trip to New York City, I kicked things off sharing notable taking points, and discussing my experience at the Brand New Design Conference a group of us attended while up there. Stephanie Soden came in next and shared some of her quirky and fun comic work recently published. Jeff Spears came out and went over the process and behind the scenes process of a current branding project. Also on the topic of branding, Patrick Carter showed and discussed his latest experiences and thoughts on self-branding and promotion going into the upcoming holiday season. Lastly, Professor John Downs from Kieser University brought in his entire class that morning and talked a little bit about the design program at the university leading into an interesting discussion/Q&A session between Industry professionals and the eager design students.

If you are in need of a break for the daily routine, or are simply looking for an inspiring start to your day mixing up things at the mid-week point, then consider stopping in and adding to the dialogue. All are welcome to attend, and feel free to bring something to present or just sit back and observe.

Those wishing to share a project, whether it be finished or in progress, drop us an email to to guarantee your spot. Also, see others planning to join the morning mixer at our event page on Facebook.

We’ll see you this week, at The Morning Leak!

— jim, membership co-director

By aigajacksonville
Published December 7, 2010