Jamie Galley Loves Design

We recently asked 12 of our members to interpret the symbol most synonymous with love—the heart—for the 2012 I Love Design poster project. Each person brought a different creative interpretation. Here is today’s rendering of the classic love icon, created by Jamie Galley.

“This request has come at a unique time, as my humble, simple family of two grows to a family of three. Faced with an inevitable expansion in my role as a female designer, artist and wife to include mother and business owner, I consider how this change will fit into my existence. When I become a mother, will I still be taken seriously in the design world? Will I lose my ‘edge’ and start wearing mom jeans and sweaters adorned with knitted cats? Will I have enough time to design for my clients with a wailing infant in my home/office? Will I be able to sustain my lifestyle working as a freelancer instead of a nine-to-fiver? Will I even care about design anymore once this maternal instinct kicks in and I want to spend every waking moment gazing adoringly at our new addition?

“Like many designers, I thrive on control and precision. Faced with a situation that I truly cannot control, I’ve loosened my grip and realized that things will turn out as they are meant to. Though my role is expanding, my core is the same. I will still be me. I will always love design. Cat sweaters are tacky, and I’m a dog person anyway. My heart has grown already with an unfathomable amount of love for my baby boy inside who’s mistaken my bladder for a punching bag. My representation of the heart symbol expresses this love, growth and confusion with its torn edges, unraveling string and all. We’ll figure it out along the way.”

Check back later today and tomorrow for new interpretations. The full poster will be unveiled at AIGA Jacksonville’s annual Valentine to the creative community, I Love Design, this Thursday, February 16. Purchase your tickets online in advance for a $10 discount. The poster will be free for those who bring in the I Love Design mailer (while they last). It will also be sold for $10.

~ I Love Design and the I Love Design poster project are proudly sponsored by Print Resources.

By aigajacksonville
Published February 15, 2012