Getting Digital this Weekend

Finding your process is an art in and of itself. Whether you’re completely new to the digital world, designing a new app each week or building a complex, feature-rich product over time, pulling your ideas together in a format that everyone understands can be an interesting creative exercise. With a wide variety of tools at our disposal, we can quickly iterate ideas that include an amalgam of interdependent pieces, subtle interactions and animations, before the development process even begins.

Which is exactly what we’ll be diving into this weekend as we work through the process of prototyping in our Let’s Get Digital series event.

Beginning Friday evening, we’ll be sitting down with industry professionals, Burton Rast and Beau Bergeron, to gain insight into their best app-building practices. Having worked with an impressive array of clients, they’ll be sharing their experience from companies and clients such as IDEO (Wallgreens, Ford, Statefarm), YogaBuddy and SIREN.

After the discussion on Friday night, we’ll kick off Saturday morning with a hands-on workshop. There you can put last night’s inspiration to work by teaming up with a few of your peers to create and build a prototype for a fictional company or topic. Don’t worry if you have little to no experience, our speakers will guide everyone through the process and you’ll have plenty of  professionals working and learning right alongside you—we’re here to have fun after all! For the experienced pro’s, this is the perfect chance to see a successful, industry-tested, process and work with designers and developers in a fun, collaborative setting.

As if an inspiring speaker event and hands-on workshop weren’t enough, we’ll be hosting a demo and after-party where you can show off your ideas, gather feedback and choose a “best-in-workshop” winner. Then celebrate during our after-party at 1904 Music Hall, where we’ll be enjoying drinks with all the collaborate, creative company!

This weekend is going to be a fantastic opportunity for you to have fun, learn and make awesome work, so get registered, get excited, and let’s get prototyping!

Special thanks go out to our amazing presenting sponsors, Ignite, Tratify, Code School, Converge FL, Centerstage and Southeast Group.

By Bryan Hunt // Vice President, AIGA Jacksonville
Published October 21, 2014