Field Day: Healthy “Ben-E-Fits”

Ever feel sick or fatigued at work? Noticed feeling infinitely better upon leaving? If you work in a large building with employees reaching past the double digits then its not surprising if you’re feeling ill. This phenomenon is due to SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) which is caused by poor indoor air quality. Poor air quality has been said to affect performance. This can also happen at your home. Residential air filters get most of the dust and larger particles out of the air but have a harder time with gases like formaldehyde (carcinogen) and benzene which dizziness, headache,  and nausea to name a few symptoms.

This TED talk from Kamal Meattle, explores a way to grow your own fresh air with household plants. Apparently plants not only provide oxygen but also clean the air better than most filtration systems. So it seems a great way to feel better and more productive in the studio may involve getting a little more green—green thumbed anyway.

Here is a great resource to help you find plants that would benefit your home or office.

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-Ben Windsor, Membership Comittee

By aigajacksonville
Published June 26, 2012