Field Day: Healthy “Ben-E-Fits”: Play

With only one day left till Field Day we’re left with the final Healthy Ben-E-Fit: Play.

Play is a funny word- it sounds silly and is often used in other contexts which don’t necessarily jive with our message here. The definition we’re looking for is: “exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.

Recently, corporations and other organizations have realized the importance of adult play. There have been several studies (Loyd P. Rieber, University of Georgia) showing that the benefits of playing are considerable and perhaps very necessary.

Exercise by itself has not only proven to be an effective alternative or tandem treatment for certain ailments, but also able to bolster performance, focus, memory, and creativity (problem solving) at work. Exercise and play even serve as a much needed inspirational device: distraction. Read about it here. Then go talk about it here. Seriously… do it.

There are all kinds of opportunities out there. Adult leagues for kickball, ultimate frisbee, and many others have been around for a while. Fitness Facilities are popping up everywhere with more focus on skill based exercise (gymnastics, movement, etc.) The important thing is to get out there and do it. Even if its going out for an impromptu watergun fight with your friends or maybe something like this killer bike accessory.

Larger cities seem to be taking this play business pretty seriously, so why not Jacksonville?

See you at Field Day tomorrow, 4:30 P.M. at Riverside Park! We’ll be in the field opposite the play ground. Bring it!

—Ben Windsor, Membership Comittee

By aigajacksonville
Published June 29, 2012