Field Day: Healthy “Ben-E-Fits”: Get Exposed

So you’re working in your cubicle cave with only the stark florescent lighting overhead to illuminate your workspace. Kind of depressing isn’t it? Studies have shown that work-spaces with abundant natural light sources (big windows, lots of windows) help to improve overall satisfaction in the work place. There’s a correlation here: that the better an employee feels about physically being at work, the more productive he/she will be.

I can personally attest to this, I’ll paint a picture for you: I work, like a lot of inhouse and agency designers alike, in a cube in the center of a large building—so, no windows, no natural light. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work remotely at CoWork Jax and the difference was palpable. I got a lot done that day. So if you’re in a situation like mine it might be a good idea to check out the space and see if you’re company wouldn’t mind putting you up there a few days out of the month.

Some companies might not be into the idea of letting you go somewhere awesome to work while they’re stuck in that same old begrudging building. So what can you do? A growing trend in corporate culture is the inclusion of short walking breaks called “energy walks.” I know this is corporate lingo and may garner a few eye rolls but it has legs— so to speak.

The added benefit of energy walks is that you get direct sun exposure and your skin begins to produce and release vitamin D into your system. Vitamin D is said to be perhaps the most underrated vitamin out there, probably due to the fact that its free. All you have to do is go outside for a few minutes and you’re already making the stuff. Unfortunately the rays responsible for causing this reaction are stifled by glass so the effects of the naturally lit office are more psychological than chemical, however both types are still beneficial.

Below are some great resources about natural light in the office space and the good side of sunlight exposure.



By aigajacksonville
Published June 28, 2012