Field Day 2012: Recap

Last Saturday a handful of AIGA contenders took to Riverside Park to embark on the adventure that will henceforth be known as FIELD DAY 2012! Emotions ran high as the teams fought for the #1 spot!

Each team exhibited exceptional skills in trials involving teamwork, speed, agility, and creativity but ultimately it was the Green Monkeys who took the gold with their unquestionable pictionary and water ballooning skills! Following ever so closely on their heels was FPO, who claimed 2nd place with a whopping 21 points! But not far behind making the FPO sweat were the Deputy Serifs and team Like A Boss who tied for 3rd place! Honorable mentions to Slightly Used and The Raphs for their sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and excellent team names!

All in all the event went without a hitch and the teams could brag that they spent the day outside with friends, colleagues, and energized competition.

We hope to see you at the next Field Day, in 2013! Until then stay healthy and watch out for those rogue water balloons! Also big thanks to Sarah Collins for photographing the event.

—Ben Windsor, Membership Committee

By aigajacksonville
Published July 9, 2012