Everybody was Krung-Fu Fighting…

“Everybody was Krung-Fu Fighting! Computers fast as lightning!”

Back on Friday, December 17, 2010, AIGA Jacksonville held its Semi-Final round of their Krung Fu Live Design Tournament. The dojo at Paul Figura’s studio was packed wall-to-wall with members of the design community, all gathering to witness the work of some of AIGA Jacksonville’s finest, including Krung Fu’s very first three-way battle for a shot to the finals. So with two matches utilizing the time-honored tradition of five pre-determined images from the Krung Stock photo library, two pre-determined fonts and 60 minutes, would there be a bloodbath to come? Perhaps. But with the beer flowing, the holiday themes, and Greg et Gil in the commentators’ booth, this round did not fail to entertain! And the results…

Match 1: Cutting and scratching are the aspects of his game…

Kicking off the Krung Fu Semi-Finals were Dennis “The Minimalist” Eusebio and Stephanie “The Iron Sketch” Soden. The theme was “Christmas Songs”, and both Dennis and Stephanie sought to capitalize on their previous victories. Stephanie seemed to try and flip the script by using Dennis’ minimalist technique to design her “O Holy Night” piece. Predictably, Dennis went a bit more modern and chose “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-DMC as his song. He was able to utilize his love for the 808 drum machine to make a brighter, more vivid representation of his Christmas theme and capture the victory.

Match 2: Triple Threat = three times the creativity, Krung Fu’s first three-way battle!

Katy “Cut & Paste Crippled Crane Style” Garrison joined Karen “Flying Kicks of Color” Kurycki and the “Drunken Masker” himself, Varick Rosete, in a bid for a slot in the finals against Dennis. Saying goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 with a “New Year’s Eve” design was the theme, and with a very random assortment of images (including Greg et Gil’s favorite Katie Riffle doppelganger), the three combatants went with the styles they knew best. Katy struck first with her “Laser Eyes” poster, while Karen countered with a creepy, yet creative animated “Happy Screw Year” gif – reprising the animated style she used to make it to the semi-final round. But it was Varick with his “Baby New Year” and Katy Garrison caricature that clinched the win!

Check out more action from the night on Flickr.

So where do we go from here? It’s Eusebio vs. Rosete in what is sure to be an amazing conclusion to an already spectactular tournament. Stay tuned for details on the finalĀ  Krung Fu match coming up in late spring!

Do you think you’ve got it what it takes to push pixels and design on a dime? If you’re interested in competing in the next tournament, email hello@aigajacksonville.org.

– kenneth, aiga jacksonville fan

By aigajacksonville
Published March 29, 2011