Design Sidekicks Assemble!

On Friday February 17th, in the major metropolitan city of Jacksonville, Florida, 15 design students answered a call to action. A call to become a DESIGN SIDEKICK!

AIGA Jacksonville was pleased to offer 15 senior level design students the chance to shadow an established designer at one of Jacksonville’s finest graphic design institutions. The day began at the riverfront Shepherd facilities, where the day was broken down for the brave participants.

From there they dispersed to their sessions, including one right on Shepherd premises with the talented team of Caroline Zwicker, Brad O’Donnell, Jacquie Wojcik, Kelley Stam and Mike Guiry. They offered training through direct experience by issuing design briefs and project work, as well as some constructive criticism on the student’s own work.

Several students also visited with Jefferson Rall, Kedgar Volta and Aerien Kloske at Brunet Garcia in beautiful San Marco. Here they heard, in detail, what goes into the most successful projects in Brunet Garcia’s repertoire, and got to tour the property, and see what a workday can be like in a friendly environment.

Over at SBS Studios, Ian Latchmansingh schooled the sidekicks in the possibilities of interactive work, showing off some of SBS’s most recent successes. They also toured the offices and got a chance to be reviewed.

Burdette-Ketchum wasted not a single second in putting their sidekicks to work on a few projects for their clients. The team gave our sidekicks the choice between web and print so that they could tailor their day even further around their interests. Eric Hinote, Corey Kolb, Rachael Callahan and John Ekdhal acted as guides on the web side of things, while the print team was helmed by Rebecca Russo, Sarah Carter and Angela Edwards.

Additionally, the option to go and visit the Dagher Printing facilities was offered by print veteran and company owner Joseph Dagher. He answered questions, and filled students in on the process of going from computer screen to printed object, with extreme detail and enthusiasm.

Finally, after the workday ended and the call to action had been satisfied, a celebration ensued at the Jacksonville hotspot Burrito Gallery. Students and professionals alike met on equal terms to enjoy some delicious Mexican food and swap stories of the day.

Even with daunting tasks set before them, each of the Sidekicks left their inhibitions at the door, and jumped in headfirst. The same can be said of the professionals, who bravely opened their doors and their minds so that the next generation of designers could grow from their experience. To all participants we say a tremendous “thank you.

~ Andy, AIGA Jacksonville Student Liaison

By aigajacksonville
Published February 28, 2012