Design Kai Event Recap

The first inaugural Design Kai (flying) kicked off, and wow, was it a show stopper!

Two fiercely competitive designers, Bianca Borghi and Jesse Taylor, faced off mouse-to-mouse, in a live design competition

Watch the replay here:

We started the event with a warm-up challenge – Delete the Leg – where we asked Bianca and Jesse to delete or replace the legs of Daniel or Johnny based on the iconic face-off from the Karate Kid (1984) movie. Both competitors came out swinging pixels! Bianca took the challenge in a wild direction, photoshopping eagle wings and cobra heads. Jesse went full-blown photoshop attack! There were unicycles, alligators, lightning, and even laser beams!   

Next was the main event – Beat the Brief. This round we gave Bianca and Jesse 24-hours to sketch, concept, and gather assets with the brief of designing a trophy for their fellow competitor. They had 1-hour to complete this final round and WOW, they pulled out all the moves! They used all their tools, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. Bianca’s approach was all vector-based to start, pulling reference from pencils to hot chicken sandwiches. Jesse went straight to Procreate and was working with traditional tattoo style designs. They talked through their process as they went along. We learned some Illustrator and Procreate tips and tricks from them and our online audience via chat. The final creative pieces these two created were DESIGNAMITE!

In the end, our audience voted and deemed Bianca the winner of this Design Kai!

We commend both Bianca and Jesse for their willingness and confidence to put themselves out there for everyone to see. It takes guts and these two showed up to meet that challenge. Thank you both again!

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Bianca Borghi (@smorsgasborghi)
Jesse Taylor (@jessetaylorcreative)

If you or someone you know think they can Defeat the Brief give us a shout and email or DM us! We are actively planning the next round! Hope to see you then!

By aigajacksonville
Published March 29, 2021