Celebrate 2014 by Celebrating Design

2014 marks two big milestones for AIGA Jacksonville. As an organization, we celebrate 100 years of history supporting the design profession. As a chapter, we celebrate 25 years in Jacksonville serving the creative community.

As we begin the new year, our resolutions (aside from celebrating all year long) are to engage our community, to discover what we’ve learnt from the past, and understand how we can influence our future. So consider this an invitation. An invitation, not only to our events and celebrations, but an invitation to provide input on how we can make the next 25 years more inspirational and supportive to the local design profession.

Our official kickoff begins on January 21st, with a special screening of “Design is One” (TBA), a film that captures the intelligence and creativity of two of the most influential designers of our time, Massimo and Lella Vignelli. The film encapsulates over 40 years of inspiration, across multiple design disciplines, proving that design isn’t a single profession, but a creative mindset.

We hope to see you at our upcoming events, and hear your thoughts on how we can continue to advance the design profession.

Learn more about our centennial: aiga.org/centennial
Add your voice: celebratedesign.org

By Russel Quadros, AIGA Jacksonville Advisory Commitee
Published January 6, 2014