Cause-Affect: A Social Design Competition

Jacksonville! It’s time to put the social impact spot light on your work!

AIGA San Francisco is hosting it’s biennial, international design competition that celebrates the work of designers and organizations who set out to positively impact our society. For those of you who do great work and strive to make a positive impact through your design, this competition is for you – to put this work on display, inspiring others to give back in the same way.

The deadline for your entry is June 24, 2011 and entry options are for a Single Entry ($30), a Multiple-Piece Campaign/Series ($45), or a Student Entry ($20). Submit your work.

A “do-gooder”, by the design world’s definition is one who believes that design can transcend beyond the design world and stimulate a few world-changing ideas. If fit this profile and would like to connect to other like-minded designers, we urge you to check out this segment of cause/affect’s site, and to set up your own profile.

You will be asked to submit:

  • your bio
  • profile pic cropped to 143 pixels by 143 pixels
  • any website addresses that you’re affiliated with and any links that you’d like to share with others.
  • any social media links that you’d like to share, ie. Twitter or Facebook

AIGAJAX Social Impact is proud to promote cause/affect and all the do-gooders of the world. If you do decide to enter the competition, please send a graphic and short write up to Ashley at, for a chance to be shown on our blog. Who knows? – You just may inspire fellow Jacksonville designers to give back through their design.

For more information on cause/affect and to see previous year’s winners, visit

Hope to see you make an impact!

By aigajacksonville
Published January 28, 2011