Atomic Sketch Call for Artists



To be a participating artist for this ArtWalk live-art takeover, email: to claim a spot!

AIGA Jacksonville, in collaboration with Downtown vision, is taking over venues all along the ArtWalk path for a large-scale Atomic Sketch. The event consists of a panel of artists and illustrators sketching, drawing, painting, inking, etc. live in front the passing ArtWalk audience, giving a glimpse into the process of creation. For the participants, it’s a chance to have some fun creating in a public environment with the option of collaborating and hanging out with the other participants in a friendly, constructive environment. It’s also a stage for self-promotion. Participants are encouraged to bring promotional materials to have available on site with them as they meet people throughout the event — it’s really a nice public forum, and the people are friendly and appreciative.

It’s important that you sign up by Friday to have your name included on the Art Walk flyer/map.

ArtWalk will take place on Wednesday, February 6th from 5pm – 9pm

A Basic Breakdown of the Event:

We have a group of artist/designers come out to produce a number of quick art pieces, usually a smaller format is more suiting. Everyone brings in their supplies, some people paint, some people do ink drawings, some use chalks or watercolors or whatever really. You could bring in bristol (which is more common) or anything really. Some have painted on wood, on blank sketchbook covers, or whatever (typically obscure media is more likely to sell). This part is completely up to the atomic sketcher.

Most of us usually come up with our own themes to individually follow throughout the event. Since you would have a number of pieces done in the time span during art walk, it helps to have the ideas already there for production. Even quick pencil sketches for reference are good to have, or print outs of animals, backgrounds, or whatever else reference you might need.

An example of a possible theme:

Upon completing each art piece, the artist will display it with a price tag on it anywhere in the range of $5.00 – $50.00 for passing art walkers to purchase if they’d like. The artist gets to decide if they want a percentage of the sale, and what percentage goes to the AIGA high school mentoring program.

The following are resources for those not familiar with the event to give a better idea through our previous Atomic Sketch events:

From our first Atomic Sketch

A recap from our most recent Movember edition of Atomic Sketch.

~Jim, Chapter Vice-President

By aigajacksonville
Published January 16, 2013