Artwalk’s Atomic Sketch Recap

…And it certainly exploded last night – the Old Hayden Burns Library at Artwalk provided us with an amazingly convenient spot for passers-by to look, watch and ponder over everyone’s strategies and work. Great feedback, new contacts and much-appreciated sales pushed our AIGAJAX members to an excitedly new level, pumping up our little spirits for the new season! Yeah!

The excitement started early with an eagerness to get settled into all of our own labeled spots and fitted into our creative-thinking caps. It looked like a true art studio in there – pens and paints and heaps of creative junk piles – it was beautiful! And no computers! We were back to our roots last night, folks.

The crowd was most amazing with their inquisitions and positive energy. Gazing eyes of youngsters glared over the tables – watching in amazement. You couldn’t help but flash back to elementary school Career Days when you sought out “an Artist” – just couldn’t wait to grow up to be an artist yourself! You could see the awe in those kiddos faces and in the older crowds, some showed a little bit of relinquished skepticism, too – “These designers really do work…interesting…” Brilliant, I would say!

Everything from incredible miniature paintings all the way up to caricatures and  in-between brought the retail needed to make this event a precedent in annual fundraising for our AIGA Jacksonville crew. Awesome partners and ambitious hands went into making it a huge success – and “Thank You” to all those involved.

If you didn’t get a chance to make a purchase, art left hanging when the timer went off is still available. Check out the artwork left for sale.

Atomic Sketch event is a YES for more “Sketches” in the near future.

Check out pictures of all the fun:

…and if you have more pics from last night, add them to our Group Pool!

By aigajacksonville
Published September 3, 2009