Animator Spotlight: Stephanie Ward
The 10×10 Animation Project was created to celebrate our centennial year by enlisting 10 animators to each create a 10 second piece to represent a decade of design history— the only requirements was that each piece begin and end with the AIGA logo and be under 10 seconds.

Stephanie is an Art Director at Wingard Creative with 6 years of experience and several more of doing anything random and art-related. From a young age she took up an interest in comics, which lended itself in more recent years as she became interested in animation. Otherwise, she is a multifaceted designer interested in branding, print, web, illustration, copywriting, and film. When she is not at work, hustling with the other like-minded Wingardians, she is typically drawing, watching anime, playing poker, or hanging out with her husband and two Shih Tzus.

Stephanie Ward

The 10×10 Animation Project: 1954–1964 from AIGA Jacksonville on Vimeo.

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twitter: @stephsodenward

By aigajacksonville
Published December 17, 2014