Animator Spotlight: Lauren Trump
The 10×10 Animation Project was created to celebrate our centennial year by enlisting 10 animators to each create a 10 second piece to represent a decade of design history— the only requirements was that each piece begin and end with the AIGA logo and be under 10 seconds.

Lauren loves to lose herself in her own creations. Inspired by the magical minds at Disney and Pixar Studios, Lauren realized she longed to explore the many worlds of her imagination, and she tracked down two B.F.A.s in Photography and Graphic Design in pursuit of her career. Lauren has worked professionally as a photographer and producer with local studios and works currently as a designer with a local agency. She spends her spare time in game and movie nights with friends, and loving Jack White just a little bit more than everyone else.

Lauren Trump

The 10×10 Animation Project: 1984–1994 from AIGA Jacksonville on Vimeo.

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dribbble: lmtrump
twitter: @lmtrump

By aigajacksonville
Published December 18, 2014