Always Summer Workshop Recap

In the late morning, on Saturday the 29th of September, members of the Jacksonville design community gathered at the UNF Print Studio for the second day of Always Summer Weekend awesome. After an awe inspiring Speaker Event, Jeff Matz and Sarah Blacksher of Lure Design, Inc. gave an intimate workshop on the craft of screen printing. 

Participants were taken through each step of the process in a before and after “cooking show” format. Jeff and Sarah described their own personal methods from coating and burning screens to prepping separations and pulling technique.


Everyone was encouraged to try their hand at pulling and flooding. No apron was spared as red ink was enthusiastically squeegee’d through the screen to create special prints for everyone to take home. 

Jeff and Sarah gave everyone another opportunity to enjoy their various works from the L2 Design Collective. These included prints, and wonderfully crafted stationery.

At last the workshop concluded and all participants were sent home with these limited edition prints bound them to never use hobo, comic sans, or papyrus ever again!

Big thanks to Sarah and Jeff for taking the time to give such an inspiring and educational presentation for Always Summer 2012.

See you next Summer!

By aigajacksonville
Published October 8, 2012